Perfect for winter – ‘Atlas’ our new Moroccan inspired rugs

We are very excited to have taken delivery of our latest rugs: inspired by the rugs of the Beni Ourain of the Atlas mountains, they have a deep pile and a very simple design. We have focussed on wool quality and you will feel the difference; these luxurious rugs are almost unbelievably soft underfoot. In fact, they will make you want to take your shoes off, pad about, or even lie down and go to sleep. Appropriately enough, the original …read more

Inspiration behind our star rugs

In my continual quest to find beautiful and unusual oriental rugs, I very occasionally came across a type of cotton double-sided kilim with striking and simple designs that I loved, but whose origin completely mystified me. Most peculiarly these flatweaves were made to be completely reversible, with the inverse colours on the flipside. So a white kilim with red motifs would, when turned over, be a red kilim with white motifs. I loved the simplicity of the designs, and I …read more

Rooms defined by rugs

We particularly like the Papilio Hemp flatweave in the modernist room with the Charles Eames chair… featured here in Cover Magazine’s blog: Four Rooms Defined by Rugs…

Pretty in pink

Leonardo Dicaprio had to wait a long time for his Oscar, and all in the movie business seemed extra pleased, and maybe even rather relieved, when Mr Dicaprio took centre stage for his role in the remarkable ‘The Revenant’. It’s been a long wait for the colour pink too; a colour which never seems to be singled out as the ‘must-have’ shade for a new season…but all that’s changed with the announcement recently of the new ‘Pantone Color of the …read more

How to choose a rug. Interior design made (a little bit) simpler…

How to choose a rug? Placing a rug in a room can seem like a daunting task. If possible, start with the rug. And start with a rug that you love. An empty room is an blank canvas, and placing a large rug on the floor, before doing anything else, can provide the catalyst to the accent colours you choose and determine the whole feel of the room. Leave 50 cm to 100cm of plain floor all the way around …read more

Vintage faded Tabriz rugs

Worn, but not out! I have always loved worn rugs. They have a softness of design and a faded grandeur that rugs in full pile rarely have, and when placed in a room they look completely at home, as if they’ve always been there. In fact, at home, my favourite rug is worn 19th century Khotan from Chinese Turkestan, which sits quietly under our dining room table and is an important but understated part of family life! But antique rugs …read more

When is a rug a rug?

Two questions that I am often asked: What’s the difference between a rug and a kilim? In short, rugs are piled, and kilims are woven, with no pile. When making a rug, a foundation of warps and wefts are woven, to which knots are then tied and clipped to the requisite length. Kilims, however, are like a tapestry, where the wefts themselves make up the design, with each row pulled down tightly to hide the warp. To complicate the matters …read more

Moroccan inspiration

It was the modernist architects of the 1930s who were the first Europeans to discover the rugs of the Berber women of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, and in the States Frank Lloyd Wright, all used these rugs regularly in their interiors. They found that these rugs’ unusual combination of minimalism and hand made detail, restraint and inventiveness worked well with Modernism’s aesthetics by echoing the abstract geometry of the architecture. At …read more

New season arrivals

We are excited to be unwrapping our latest order of rugs from one of our Indian workshops. There are two designs; a ‘boteh’ design in two colour-ways and a design of mid-century Scandinavian influence.    The rugs are beautifully hand-made with really excellent wool which is deliciously soft under bare feet.    The wool has been dyed in small batches giving a range and depth of colour. The ‘boteh’ design was the inspiration for European ‘Paisley’ designs.     The …read more

Summer collection

The Summer Collection Our first collation of rugs and kilims were chosen because of their fresh colours and simple, geometric designs. Perfect for wide open windows, with pools of sunlight flooding in onto white-painted floor-boards. The rugs themselves, although sharing a similar character, are quite varied in terms of their techniques, geographical origin and influences. We have a group of flat-woven Afghan kilims with wonderful colours, ‘Kara’, ‘Konya‘, ‘Lund‘ and ‘Malmo‘ which draw their technical and stylistic inspiration from 19th …read more

New beginnings

The beginning of an exciting new venture Having been immersed in the world of antique carpets for over 20 years now, I have often dipped my toes into the parallel, but slightly different, world of contemporary rugs. Sometimes a client has asked me to source a particular carpet; on other occasions I have chanced upon a new rug which I have just had to take home and try out. Others, I have added to my stock, and offered for sale, …read more