How to choose a rug. Interior design made (a little bit) simpler…

How to choose a rug?

Placing a rug in a room can seem like a daunting task.

If possible, start with the rug. And start with a rug that you love. An empty room is an blank canvas, and placing a large rug on the floor, before doing anything else, can provide the catalyst to the accent colours you choose and determine the whole feel of the room. Leave 50 cm to 100cm of plain floor all the way around to frame the rug, but make sure the rug is big enough to accommodate all the principal seating furniture in the room. This will unify the room and create a warm and comfortable feel.

Then use minor colours in the rug as inspiration for the colours in the rest of the room. Not the main colour, as this can make the room look too contrived; but rather pick a colour or two within the rug that you love and use them to inspire your choice of soft furnishings, cushions and curtains.

But if the room is already decorated, and the soft furnishings already chosen, the perfect rug can still be found! Again it’s all about colour; but don’t be too focussed on the main colours in the room or the rug; it might well be the minor colours that talk to one another. A good tip is also to try to match the mood of the room with the rug; a serene and peaceful drawing room will need an different character of rug than a busy family kitchen!

By all means email us images of your interiors, if you would like some advice; we have been placing rugs in rooms for over 20 years now and love a challenge…