Vintage faded Tabriz rugs

Worn, but not out!

I have always loved worn rugs. They have a softness of design and a faded grandeur that rugs in full pile rarely have, and when placed in a room they look completely at home, as if they’ve always been there.

In fact, at home, my favourite rug is worn 19th century Khotan from Chinese Turkestan, which sits quietly under our dining room table and is an important but understated part of family life!

But antique rugs are rarely evenly worn; with holes, tears and very threadbare areas interspersed between the bits that look just right…

So Alex and I are very excited to have found a production of re-worked vintage Persian rugs where this antique, worn look has been perfectly replicated using mid 20th century rugs. These rugs have been washed to fade down the colours, and then the pile has been shaved down so that the foundation is visible.

We have sold several already, and we are impressed with how good they look. A few more have just been added to this website, with more to follow over the coming weeks….watch this space!