New season arrivals

We are excited to be unwrapping our latest order of rugs from one of our Indian workshops.

There are two designs; a ‘boteh’ design in two colour-ways and a design of mid-century Scandinavian influence.

Boteh and shoes agni scandi Boteh and trainers

The rugs are beautifully hand-made with really excellent wool which is deliciously soft under bare feet.    The wool has been dyed in small batches giving a range and depth of colour.

The ‘boteh’ design was the inspiration for European ‘Paisley’ designs.     The boteh is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of ancient Persian origin with origins going back to the pre-Islamic Zoroastrian religion.  It is thought to have been a symbol of life, fertility and eternity.   During the 16th and 17th centuries the motif became hugely popular in India, and was spread to the west on Kashmir shawls in the 18th and 19th century, becoming known as ‘Paisley’ after the weaving town in Scotland where the design was enthusiastically adopted.

The paisley design is now very much part of our culture; from Liberty’s 1950s silk scarves to the psychedelic style of the Summer of Love.    We think that our simplified version of the design brings it stylishly into the 21st century….we hope that you like it too.