Summer collection

The Summer Collection

Our first collation of rugs and kilims were chosen because of their fresh colours and simple, geometric designs. Perfect for wide open windows, with pools of sunlight flooding in onto white-painted floor-boards.

The rugs themselves, although sharing a similar character, are quite varied in terms of their techniques, geographical origin and influences.

We have a group of flat-woven Afghan kilims with wonderful colours, ‘Kara’, ‘Konya‘, ‘Lund‘ and ‘Malmo‘ which draw their technical and stylistic inspiration from 19th century tribal kilims of Anatolia and Persia, but with simplified motifs and a more limited colour range.

Then we have part-piled rugs, with their designs picked out in long, fleecy pile against a simple flat-woven or embroidered ground. In this technique, from one of our Indian workshops, come the ‘Dalarna’ rugs, available in three sizes, with a design inspired by mid 20th century Swedish carpets. And from Afghanistan, we have the ‘Atlas’ rugs, influenced by the rugs of the Beni Ourain Berber tribe from the Middle Atlas in Morocco.

We also have our ‘Kara’ rugs which are piled throughout in a combination of wool and ‘bamboo silk’ , a silk-like fibre made from bamboo cellulose. The design this time takes its inspiration from south-west Persia, but with a restrained two-colour palette very different from their antique origin.

And finally we are excited to announce the imminent arrival of four more designs of piled rugs from two of our Indian suppliers….they are en route and will be arriving within the next few days…..images to follow very soon.